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A Crush Reversed

Syllvia Rose and Annakin Denton were employees of The Daily Bugle. They had studied at the same university and ended up working at the same newspaper. They were not friends, however. In the first year of their undergraduate year the one had a crush on the other, wrote him a love letter and was rejected by his girlfriend, not him, at the time. The other called the letter writer a stalker and wanted nothing to do with her.

It was a miracle that they managed to work in the same environment after the hostility that had existed between them after that year. Rose was a reporter and Denton a photographer. This meant that they sometimes had to work together. This morning, they were asked to go to a public relations gig at the Radisson hotel. One of the channels for the national television broadcaster was hosting a breakfast. This was to reveal their line-up and shows for the next quarter.

The one thing that the colleagues did agree on, was the fact that they did not like attending public relations’ events.

They arrived, received a gift bag and took a seat in the conference room, where the presentation of the TV shows to come, would be presented. Dana Dorito, the organizer, took to the podium when everyone was seated. She welcomed everyone, introduced guests from popular shows and local soap operas and switched on the half-an-hour clip of what the TV station would offer the country in the next four months.

Rose thought that it seemed like such a meaningless task to be at this event, watching their line-up when it could just be sent to them in an email. The presentation was funky and visually pleasing. The guests spoke about the plots of their various shows, shying away from spoilers.

Annakin took pictures of the local celebrities, as they spoke and after the event was over, in a much more open, relaxed environment, with poses. These pictures could be used in creative lay out designs if Rose chose to write a feature article for the TV page.

Aside from their history, the pair worked well together. They left the event as soon as they could and moved on to working on what they’d had to do. Annakin uploaded his photos to the system and Rose began writing her article. 

Annakin had been wanting to ask Rose out from the time they had begun working for the newspaper three years ago. He’d just never worked up the courage to ask her out after he’d embarrassed them both before.