What Is On Offer?

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Are you looking out for an PR agency, for a makeover to your brand? Quite often, we start our own brands and products and progress well in the field, but one black mark, doesn’t take much to ruin its whole name. This is when a PR agency is needed, for a makeover. Typically, a PR agency has so much to offer, to absolutely any stream. Their expertise in various avenues, open out to helping many brands and products, relaunch themselves to the market, and gain back the name that might have once been ruined due to certain black marks. Here’s a look at what is on offer.

The Research

As PR agency in Surry Hills we would ideally first meet with the Organization and its top management, to gather the perfect information on what is lacking. Certain surveys and research will have to be done to see, what really appeals in your brand. Once that is done and you know what the exact product would be, it is best to plan programs and monitor the effectiveness of it, as a result of the research. We will conduct a focus group with the management, conduct surveys with the target group of various ages and backgrounds and also have focus group discussions to test the concept. We will also have to conduct certain shareholder surveys in order to improve relations with investors and prospectus future investors too.

Special Events

Along with all the production task going on, as the PR partner we will organizing a special launch event, that will all invite the press for a conference to get out the word about the launch of the new brand or the reawakening of the brand. We will also organize an open house and some contests for promoting the new brand line via online promoting, to attract as many as possible, as they love free giveaways, and everyone loves to try for free.

Media Relations

We will contact all media sources, such as print, electronic, internet services, freelance writers, trade publication, with an intention of promoting the new clothing line and giving it prominence in many platforms as possible. All material written by our PR writers will be widely distributed for media relations purposes. Broadcasting of it will take place in grand scale. A new makeover will be given to the existing website, with the new product being the main focus and social media will carry a big load of wait, giving the needed broadcasting.

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